GOOD DAY MY AMAZING BABES!! I have been dying to write this blog post to all of you for a very long time! So as you can see I have my first brand out.

I started this journey on March 2020. I started to have health issues on December of 2019. I had very bad reflux, constipation and had water retention. On January 2020 I decided that it had to stop and that I had to find something that made me feel better. So first things first I changed my diet to vegan.

VEGAN!! MY FAVORITE WORD SO FAR! For real you guys since January 7, 2020 that I changed my diet to Vegan I haven't had any health issues whatsoever. I was very very happy about how everything changed for me and how I was feeling amazing. On February and March I traveled a lot and with time zone changes and regular meals I wanted something that helped me flush toxins and help me go to the bathroom. (You know that struggle).

So when I got back home and the pandemic got the whole world quarantine I knew I was going to have a lot of time for myself so I decided to start mixing loose leafs and different herbal teas until I find one blend which suited my needs. I started to try different blends every day. One day I found 5 herbs which helped me with my water retention. I decided to leave those aside as Blend number one. I mixed 4 other blends which helped my constipation so I knew they worked. They were called Blend number 2. I felt lighter each day so I decided why not blend both of them and see what happens. And so I did, I mixed both blends and started to try the results. I had my mom as my official tester. We both decided to do a 14 day test on the tea blend. We both started to see the changes on our body which felt great!!

My mom and I knew it worked and that we could help so many people out there fighting our same problems. I mean, how many of you have felt that bloating after pizza or being constipated for days? Well I was one of you and that is why we got the idea to create a blend for everyone who was experiencing these problems.

We started to speak to different manufacturers in order to ensure top quality for our future customers. We found a tea manufacturing company that perfected our existing blend. Small Robin Detox and Slim tea has 12 different herbs that each one has a purpose on your body.Organic Matcha Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Organic Rooibos Leaf, Oolong Tea, Ginger Root, Stevia Leaf, Peppermint Leaf, Pomegranate, Papaya, Dandelion Leaf, Garcinia Cambogia and Bitter Melon.After 4 months of testing and perfecting our blend we were ready to go.

We started to design the logo and packaging with so much love that every time I take a look I feel so proud. The name was created thinking of my late grandma. She loved birds, specially Red Robins. I decided to name it SMALL ROBIN in her honor. The colors were meant to give you that mood boost you need from the moment you grabbed it until you took your first sip where the energy really kicks in.

So what should you expect from the tea? Well there are so many benefits of having one cup of our tea a day. Small Robin Detox and Slim Tea, Herbal and Fruit tea blend. It has a selected blend of herbal teas and antioxidants to promote wellness and immune health. Small Robin Detox and Slim Tea was created to help empowered women to reach their health and wellness goals by giving them the right product to achieve it. As a woman I know what you are going through and understand you, so here I am trying to help you reach those health and wellness goals with this natural blend of herbs and fruits. Since I have been drinking a cup of this Tea every day in the morning, I have not taken any medicine at all, my reflux is gone, my digestive system has never been better and last but not least my skin has no breakouts. Also I am confident that getting a good and healthy nutrition combining with Small Robin Detox and Slim Tea is the perfect partner with your everyday activities to feel great and healthy. Nowadays where the activities are run from our homes, a sedentary lifestyle without too much exercise and not good eating habits requires a product like this, to help you along the way.

Where can you find us? We are live on Amazon! Click the link below to get yours. Want to learn more? Feel free to browse through our website.

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