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Hello gorgeous and welcome back to another travel blog post. I have visit Los Angeles for so many years now and I'm always on the look for new places to take pictures and show the beauty of the city. Of course every time we travel we think of this particular thing: how cool this picture will be on my social medias. Well I am one of you guys. So here you will find my must take pictures spots in Los Angeles, California.

Hola Amores míos bienvenidos a un nuevo blog post para todos los tips de viaje. Desde pequeña he viajado a Los Angeles y les aseguro que cada vez que voy estoy en la busca de nuevos lugares en donde tomarme la foto perfecta. Me encanta encontrar los lugares más lindos de cada ciudad para poder mostrarlos a ustedes. Bueno tengo que confesarles algo! Cada vez que viajo hay una cosa que siempre pienso y esa es: Uy que cool se va a ver esa foto en mis redes sociales. Es por eso que decidí mostrarles los lugares que tienen que visitar cuando viajen a Los Angeles, California.


Museums are one of my favorite places to go and appreciate the different types of arts. The Broad Museum is going to be one of your favorite places to visit. The contemporary art showcased is unbelievable. You will take cool pictures all around the Museum. You can get tickets on their website or at the museum. Click the picture to learn more.


Guys this is one of my favorites. The pink wall is going to make your Instagram pop. The bright pink color is a very popular picture in LA so when you get there you might have to wait a bit to take your shot.

Colette Miller Angel Wings

This picture has probably popped up in your feed because many models and bloggers have taken a picture there. So if you come to Los Angeles you have to take a picture with angel wings.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

This is a beautiful place to take pictures at any time of the day. Trust me that the gorgeous concert hall will look good on pictures. You can take the picture from across the street to show the complete Walt Disney Concert Hall or get closer to get different shots.

Santa Monica Pier

Famous for every movie that is shown. You can get a trip to the beach while you shot cool pictures all around. There are many places to take pictures while you are there.

Hollywood Sign

You can take this shoot from many places. Check the option of going on a hike, helicopter ride, street view or the Griffith Observatory.


Oh dear I love this place. It is so magical I fall in love every single time. Disneyland is great to take magical pictures. You can always find a right spot because you will never go wrong with it.

Palm Trees

This one is a classic. Palm Trees won't be difficult to find since you will see them everywhere. FInd a street that is not that busy and take the coolest shot walking down the street.

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