Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce to you guys my latest obsession. Are you ready for it?

I think taking care of your skin should be something you should do without thinking too much. For me I like having my skin clean and fresh.

I have added to my must have skin products the most amazing CC cream. We’ve all heard about BB cream and how amazing your skin looks. But CC cream is even better because it has color correcting and it is not foundation. How cool it is to have moisturizer, SPF protector and best of all that it looks like your wearing foundation when you are not.

I have tried so many different BB Creams and I have liked all of the different brands. My favorite of all times is the one I am going to be telling you guys about.

PETER THOMAS ROTH has made me fall in love with BB cream more than I could ever imagine. Since I found it I haven’t stop using it. I totally recommend any product from their line. PETER THOMAS ROTH has one factor I love the most and it is that all of their products are clinically tested.

My type of skin is very delicate and acne prone which basically means that if I use a product that won’t suit me I could get breakouts. For those who are afraid of trying it out trust me on this one you won’t regret it.

The one I use is called Skin To Die For, Mineral Matte CC Cream and my shade is medium. The best part of this product is that it has broad spectrum SPF 30. The benefits are anti-aging sunscreen complexion corrector and moisturizer that is more powerful than traditional vitamin C. Available in three different shades, soothing all types of skin.

After telling you guys how amazing it is what are you waiting for? Tap on any picture and go ahead and get yours.

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