I truly believe a sunglass can make any outfit stand out and make you feel amazing. The Fashion Wave Blog got a chance to speak with the owner of Shiraz World, a sunglass company making a debut with a collection to die for. This is their story and inspiration behind it.

What is the inspiration behind SHIRAZ sunglasses

I’ve always had a love for sunglasses at a young age. It wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles 2 years ago that I fell even more in love with the culture of sunglasses. I noticed celebs and just normal people would wear sunglasses in a club scene or night scene. Growing up in Australia this wasn’t a normal thing to do - where sunglasses inside a club or night event. It was so interesting to me that I studied the designs from different era’s 50s,60s,70s up till the 2000s. I noticed there wasn’t a sunglasses brand that focused more on my generation and the culture. I also noticed many celebs wore Cartier frames but these were so expensive that the everyday person couldn’t afford them. We’re talking glasses that were $5000 and iced out with diamonds. Today’s generation is all about appearance and showing off on social media. I wanted the everyday person to be able to wear glasses that were of high quality but not to the point they were broke. I wanted to SHIRAZ to be the Rolex of sunglasses, expensive but affordable. My first collection was inspired by rock stakes from the past such as Elton John, Tupac, John Lennon and legends from today like the Migos.

What made you create a line of sunglasses?

To be honest, the idea came from several artists who noticed me wearing vintage sunglasses. One of them was a popular artist (Post Malone) who saw me wear a pair of vintage glasses. He took them off my face and said “are these yours.. they are fire” and put them on. I told him, I collected vintage sunglasses and they were bought from the Sunday markets. He told me “you should start your own sunglasses line” and that was history!

How do you feel your Line of sunglasses inspires women empowerment

The brand was created as unisex so that men and women could wear the designs. Our first photo shoot was inspired by Beyoncé and Jay Z. We loved how powerful the couple were so we created the concept of a couple standing side by side, dressed fashionable, high class, equally showing how powerful they were. Also if you noticed, our female model is slightly holding the male models hand. We wanted to show that she loves him but doesn’t need him - she could do it all on her own. This was one of our most popular campaign images!

What was your biggest challenge while creating the pieces?

I think the biggest challenge is getting manufacturers to finalize designs. Each design was drawn from scratch and we made a lot of changes (because I’m a perfectionist) and the going back and forth for changes was very time consuming and caused delays.

Tell me more about the pieces

Each piece was carefully designed by high quality pieces in Italy. As mentioned before, we took a lot of inspiration from artists, era’s and cities. We wanted to make the collection affordable so for some of our designs like the C1M6, we have an option for customers to buy the non diamond version. For those who can afford the diamond version these retail for $1000. People will notice we didn’t overdo the glasses with too many diamonds as we wanted this design to be subtle yet expensive and lightweight too for comfort. Some of the glasses are also 24k gold plated and the reason behind this was to complete that rockstar look from today. Each detail on the glasses was taken from some artist or era. The C1M6 was inspired by the Migos, Elton John and John Lennon (if they had a baby). We also have a “drip” feature on the glasses which is very popular in the LA culture. Artists put a tear drop made of diamond at the end of their glasses to portray wealth.

Which one is your favorite?

The C1M6 is definitely my favorite!

How would you describe your line?

My line is very vintage inspired - mixed with the today’s generation!

Do we have a variety of personalities on the collection? Meaning different tastes on fashion can decide which one fits best for them?

Yes! I think for those who like to be flashy and be extra we have a few designs such as the C1M3 and C1M6. For the everyday but fashionable vintage look we have the C1M1 and C1M5. My favorite classic black everyday look is the C1MX. LA SHIRAZ products are for everyone and there will be a black and white collection which I’m excited to see how it turns out!

Last but not least tell us what’s next for Shiraz World

Keep a look out for collection 2. Our collections have no future date. We release collections by seasons or by fashion trends.


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