Must stop restaurants in NYC

It's chilly and rainy in New York City and what better way to spend it than having brunch, lunch or dinner at NYC must go restaurants.

I have to say there are thousands of restaurants you can choose from, but i'm going to tell you some of my favorite restaurants and coffee shops I have to visit every time i'm here.


Ciao amores. If you are a pasta lover or an Italian food lover then you must visit Cipriani. You can find Cipriani in Monaco, Ibiza, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, London, Venice and of course New York City. I've only named a few of the cities it is located around the world but you can feel free to check if you have one of Cipriani's restaurants near you.

When it comes to picking what's best for your taste, I can honestly say anything you order will be amazing. I have tried mostly every dish in the menu and I have loved all of their dishes. By the way you have to leave some space for dessert.

My must go dishes.


I'm kind of realizing I eat a lot of italian food out here. Serafina is an Italian restaurant that has a wide variety for those who are not pasta lovers. I love that they have many locations around New York making it possible for anyone to stop by. I have three favorite dishes and here they are. Oh and before I forget don't be surprised if you ran into your favorite celebrity inside the restaurant. Story time. I was having lunch and when I turned around I didn't notice that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner where having lunch next to me. Fan alert.. Now back to the food.


I enjoy breakfast way too much. Sarabeth's is the place to go for a good breakfast, brunch or if you like to have the breakfast menu all day here is the place to be. I like that they have outside seating for summer but for winter is better if you stay inside. Their pancakes are so delicious that no diet will stop you from having them. My favorite three dishes are...


As many of you know I can't live without a green juice in my life. Dr.Smood has amazing green juices, smoothies and lattes. Besides all of what I mentioned their sandwiches and paninis are crazy good. Their ready to go salads are a perfect way to get a healthy meal on the go. I can't leave there without my dessert so I always get either their matcha chia pudding or their raw pancakes. The best thing about eating here is that their food is organic, lactose free and sugar free. Here are my three must go dishes.

Milk and Cereal bar

Here is a fun thing to try with your friends or family. The milk bar is one of the most fun ice cream experiences I've had. It is all about cereal. The process is really fun. You choose your flavor, cereal brand and then they mix it and create your cereal ice cream. You can decide and do it as a shake, ice cream or by going simple and eating the cereal in a bowl with milk. It is fun and delicious so trust me you will like it.

Let me know when you visit any of these delicious restaurants and tag me on your food posts.



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