-Why Deja vu? You will be repeating the same strategy for life!

-Are you constantly searching how to grow your social media accounts? Don't let those people tell you a certain
strategy when they don't even know your business or purpose. 

-We will build a customized strategy for you to grow easily.

-After 6 weeks of following this method you will be able to manage all areas and steps of building a successful social media platform.



What to post on social media. 

How to edit your pictures and videos. Bonus ( What Apps to use.)

How to grow a community of followers that become your costumers. 

How to let go of your fears and insecurities on all platforms. 

Make your audience trust you. 




Easily create content from scratch. The creative side you never thought you had will come to a rise. 

Edit pictures with the necessary tools giving your feed the harmony it needs. 

Monetize your social media without loosing credibility from your followers. 

You will sell your brand with authenticity. 

Create and edit videos without having to pay any one. 

Best of all you will have a custom strategy that simply can't fail.



- Your feed is really important and it doesn't matter if it looks cute but doesn't sell something to the customer. We will work on a killer feed that will engage new followers.

- How to find your taste regarding your feed. Aesthetics are very important, we will find your taste and reflect your personality or brands essence throughout your feed. (Remember now a days your Instagram is your presentation card).

-  If you aren't sure what to post I will help you reach your brand or personal feed fullest potential. 

- Don't really know how to edit like the top brands or influencers? Don't just copy and paste a filter it does not look professional. I will teach you how to edit without paying for expensive Apps.

-Monetize on all social media platforms without having to pay for ads. 


6 Video calls with me

During the six amazing weeks together we will have a group call to clear any doubts and share your ideas and review what you are doing to improve.

We will discuss all the obstacles that you might be going through and how to fix it.

By meeting each week I will assign you different tasks that will guide you through the rest of the week.

Remember that since day one you will have an immediate switch from where you where to where you are going. 

24 premium content videos

Each week you will receive 4 videos that will guide you through the tasks assigned. 

Each video is meant to cover the 6 stages of the Deja vu method. This content is yours to keep for life. 

Anytime you have a doubt you can watch the videos. 

Remember that all 24 videos are meant for any brand or influencer who want to reach their full potential. 

3 Challenges each week to perfect every aspect of this course

Each week you will have a three challenge to complete. We will be creating content, editing videos and pictures while learning to capture our desired audience. 

By the end of the 6 weeks you will be creating content where you don't think there is any. 

Get your brands exposure out there without having to pay others.

Remember I will be by your side throughout this process. 


E-Notebook with everything you need to know step by step

The E-Notebook will be your best friend along side the 24 videos. 

I will add tips and tricks on all areas we will be focusing on.

You will be given different options on how to handle different situations. Whenever you face any uncertainty on how to handle something, you will go back and check your E-Notebook. 

The E-Notebook will include all names of Apps so you will never loose them. 

Total cost of The Deja Vu 6 week Challenge 

-$110 USD
-That is $2.61 a day! 
-All payment methods available.